Accelerate the Growth of your Amazon Business

Powerful Amazon ManyChat Campaigns... Made Easy

Accelerate the growth of your
Amazon business with EasyBot.

Powerful Amazon ManyChat Campaigns Made Easy

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Positioned for Success

When it comes to winning on Amazon, your listing’s position, or rank, is everything. Whether you’re launching a new product or have an existing listing that needs a push - ranking and product launch chatbot campaigns are a powerful tool to have in your Amazon arsenal. 

With Easybot you can quickly install one of several of our chatbot campaigns including:
  • Search Find Buy Rebates
  • ​Add to Cart Offers
  • Buy One Get One (BOGO)

Social Proof on Autopilot

Want to grow your Amazon reviews on autopilot? Easybot has powerful chatbot campaigns ready to capture your customer’s feedback and help them share their experience with your products.

Easybot’s review campaigns capture reviews from both your organic buyers and buyers from your ranking campaigns via:
  • Product inserts 
  • ​Facebook Re-marketing Campaigns
  • ​Review Follow up requests
It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your Amazon Seller journey

EasyBot delivers results for…

  • Beginners on Amazon... who are overwhelmed by everything they need to learn and feel intimidated by new software.
  • ​Established Amazon Sellers… scaling up from 5-10 products with a need for systems and solutions to help them grow and adapt quickly.
  • ​Advanced Amazon Sellers... selling 10+ products across multiple brands with an immediate need for a plug and play solution they can quickly deploy

Data Driven Dashboards

Chatbot should drive results and with Easybot’s dashboard you’ll know immediately how your campaigns are performing. 

Every day you’ll know how many subscribers, sales, and rebates have successfully passed through your campaigns so you can make sure you’re on track for success. 

Hey! Michelle Barnum Smith here.

Some people like to call me

“The Queen Of Amazon Chat Bots” ...

which is kinda crazy considering I only met my very first chat bot in 2017. 
I still remember how amazed I was as I clicked on a Facebook ad and was taken through this incredible experience as a consumer. 

And despite the fact I had never experienced a chatbot before… 
My 20 years of working for some of the largest tech companies around told me this was going to be huge. 
Little did I know that this moment put me on a path to a ‘double shift’ experience that would change my life forever.
  •  This lightning-quick solution integrates ManyChat into your business setting off the most powerful automation software on the market and delivering results fast.
  • Live chat customer service shields you from the endless messages in your ManyChat account which steal your focus away from more important tasks
  • ‘Quick check’ confidence breaks down the data on a dashboard so you can make decisions based on intelligent reporting
  • Goal-oriented flows align with your KPI’s and scale your business by delivering predictable results you can rely on
  • ​ A hands-off ManyChat experience delivers market-leading results without having to lift a finger, watch a training video, or test a strategy


Our process is a one-time template install for ALL your chatbot campaigns. Easily add new campaigns and track results from Easybot with only a few customizations inside of ManyChat. What could be easier!


How are rebates distributed?
We’ve tested many rebate types including gift cards and have found that when it comes down to it, buyers want cash and the easiest way to distribute that cash is via PayPal. You’ll need a PayPal business account approved for PayPal payouts to use
I have limited experience with using ManyChat. Should I learn it first before using Easybot?
Not at all! We are the ManyChat experts so you DON’T have to be! You have enough on your mind to deal with so we’ve done all the hard work for you. Easybot will install and setup your ManyChat templates for you so you don’t have to go into the ManyChat campaign to manage or troubleshoot anything.
What if my ranking / launch campaign doesn’t work?
Chat bots are marketing tools that depend on two things to get you the results you need to succeed: a good keyword strategy + traffic. If your campaign is not producing the results you want, first make sure you are targeting the right keywords for your campaign. Next look at your Facebook Ads traffic to make sure you’re getting your needed amount of subscribers into your bot campaign. If for some reason you’re worried the bot is not working correctly, please reach out to our support team so we can review your ManyChat campaigns and help you fix any issues that may be occurring.
Can I use EasyBot to get reviews?
Yes! We have several review-specific campaigns as well as review requests attached to most of our ranking / launch campaigns. Your reviews are completely within Amazon’s TOS and we use special links so Amazon doesn’t know the traffic is coming from ManyChat.
I’ve had reviews wiped from other chat bot campaigns, are your campaigns safe to ask for reviews?
Yes! Your reviews are completely within Amazon’s TOS and we use special links so Amazon doesn’t know the traffic is coming from ManyChat.
Are your campaigns Search Find Buy?
Yes! We offer several Search Find Buy campaigns. And based on how you answer your campaign wizard questions, we’ll select a Search Find Buy campaign for you if your listing is within 2 mobile search result pages of your target campaign keyword(s).
How long will it take to setup a campaign in EasyBot?
Literally just a few minutes when you have all your campaign assets ready to go. A list of assets will be provided to you in your Campaign Wizard results that you’ll want to collect and have ready to go before you install your campaign. This will make setting up your campaign easy and prevent you from having to make campaign updates inside of ManyChat.
I don’t have any experience running Facebook Ads. Will you teach me how to set these up?
Yes! We have a Facebook Ads Mini Course inside your account to guide you through the whole process. The first time might be scary but we promise you’ll pick it up quickly!
I only need a certain amount of sales per day, will EasyBot limit how many people have access to my offer?
Yes! We have built in limiters that prevent more sales than you need that day. EasyBot will even protect you if your campaign goes viral by limiting how many people can even get into the flow at a time!
I only want to ask for reviews after a certain number of days after they’ve bought my product. Can I specify that in EasyBot?
Yes! EasyBot will ask you how many days post purchase you’d like to wait before requesting a review from your buyers. We have also put all the right Messenger tags in place to make sure those messages are delivered and reviews are requested!
I heard Facebook made changes to Messenger and made chatbots hard to use. Will EasyBot still work?
Yes! Our team of Messenger and ManyChat experts are very familiar with Messenger’s Terms of Service changes and keep up with any ongoing changes. All EasyBot campaigns play by the rules to make sure your campaigns run smoothly.
Does easybot work in other countries besides the USA? 
Not yet! Our team is working hard to get other countries up and working soon. Please join our email list to get updated when this is available..
I'm in the EU trying to launch in to customers in the US. Will EasyBot work for me?
Yes! Our campaigns are setup to be compliant with the privacy law restrictions and account limitations that affect companies in the EEA. 
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